The New Frontier. What’s Next?

It’s been a crazy year, hasn’t it? I think we’ve all been wondering where the light at the end of the tunnel would be, when some semblance of normality might resume. The weeks turned into months and here we are and it’s almost Christmas! Being Melbourne based, we have had our challenges, but we’ve managed to stay on a course and actually grow our team and produce some fantastic results for our clients. But what does 2021 hold for Frontier and after the unprecedented year we’ve had, can we ever really predict anything ever again?

Well, one thing is certain we have an incredibly strong and resilient team. I have been so proud of how well they have coped in the toughest of times. We’ve pulled together, united from afar and produced some of our best work yet. In 2020 we have been through a pandemic, an acquisition and a huge structure change and the strength and positivity shown from our team through it all has led me to believe one thing: Nothing can stop us. We’ve stayed close to our clients and as we work in close partnership with them, it has been a collaborative effort to keep their businesses where they needed to be. Now we have exciting momentum with the backing of our parent company, VMG, which has opened more doors for Frontier in terms of team growth, culture and collaboration. Our new state of the art Melbourne HQ is almost at completion and finally we are able to see a time when we can all be there together!

Moreover, coming together with our Brisbane team under one brand, Frontier Media, as opposed to Frontier Advertising and Frontier Media Factory as we have been operating up until now, has given us as a collective a new sense of drive for a positive future together. We have a new brand vision and image to help take us to the next stage in our Frontier journey, but underneath all that we are the same; we hold to the same values we always have to work with our clients as true partners and provide a service they can rely on to drive results.

What’s changed and what’s next? Well, I think 2020 has changed everyone. To hold onto the positives for us it has brought us closer together, made us more grateful for each other, and made us more determined than ever. One thing I have missed most is the “water cooler” conversations; the creativity that comes from interactions with different minds on an ad hoc basis as opposed to scheduled Zoom calls – scheduled creativity.
I definitely won’t miss the 2D of life in 2020, that’s for sure. I believe that rainbows come after the storm and while something we’ve learned is that we cannot predict the future, what I can confidently predict is our will and drive to navigate whatever curveball comes next. We have a talented and motivated team ready to go beyond for our clients, but hey… let’s hope for less curve balls and more smooth sailing for all of us in 2021.